Fairfax - Smoker

  • Product Code: 1104N

The Fairfax smoker is a true eye-catcher that brings you completely new entertainment experience.

The smoker offers various food preparation options. On the one hand, you can grill food traditionally on the cooking grate placed directly above the embers in the burning chamber. On the other hand, meat can also be cooked in the smoke coming out of the fire. This is possible due to the special design of the smoker. Smoke is generated from burning or glowing wood or smoking chips in the smaller and rather deeper fire chamber. The smoke escapes sideways into the greater smoking chamber where the food to be smoked is placed. Smoking chips can be easily filled in a bowl designed for this purpose. The smoke movement is supported with the chimney flue in the smoking chamber.

The cured meat is thus gently smoked at a lower temperature of 80° to 130°C, which gives it the typical smoked taste. The thermometer integrated in the door allows you to monitor the temperature in the smoking chamber comfortably. The smoker offers you a variety of options how to smoke fish, meat or sausages. Apart from the option to hang fish or to place fish on a fish grate, the smoking chambers has other grates on which you can easily place other sausages or meat to be smoked. Curing in smoke cooks the food evenly on all sides and preserves its juicy consistence. By changing the type of smoking wood, you can explore new and unknown subtle taste differences.

The smoke intensity that gives the food its typical taste can be regulated using the air damper in the fire chamber. In order to achieve wonderful results in the smoker, you do not need to be a professional.

In addition, the Fairfax represents a healthy alternative to grilling since curing meat in the smoke prevents drops of fat or other liquids from falling in the flames and generating harmful substances.

Whether traditional or novel grilling methods – the smoker leaves no wish unfulfilled. The attached wheels make it possible to get the smoker quickly ready for use anywhere in your garden or on your patio.

  • Smoker chamber
  • Smoke barrel approx. 103.8 x 45.4 cm Ø
  • 4 chrome plated cooking grids, approx. 43 cm Ø each
  • Steel door with 2 fasteners, metal handle and thermometer
  • Side chamber
  • Grill surface: approx. 41.2 x 38.8 cm
  • 2 enameled cooking grids, approx. 20.6 x 38.8 cm each
  • Steel lid with metal handle
  • Fire bowl approx. 48.1 x 40.7 cm 
  • Charcoal grid approx. 41.2 x 27 cm
  • Holds up to max. 2 kg of charcoal
  • Hooks inside smoke barrel
  • Air vent - chimney
  • Large steel wheels
  • Incl. smoke accessory (fish hook, fish grid, bowl for smoke chips)
  • Heat resistant finish, up to max. 500° C
Dimensions (L x W x H) 66.40cm x 118.60cm x 145.60cm
Weight 56.80kg

Packing unit

1 piece

Outer Packaging Dimensions:

110 cm x 51 cm x 53 cm (W x D x H)

    Total Gross Weight:

    62,00 kg

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