Toronto Kombi

  • Product Code: 3179

With this charcoal-gas combination grill, you can not only experience the typical charcoal taste, but also enjoy the benefits of a gas grill. A combination grill that fulfils all wishes.

The "Kombi" offers a wide range of grilling possibilities and turns every barbecue evening into an event. The American-style combination grill has two completely separate fire pans. So, there is something for every taste.

The charcoal area is characterised by an easily height-adjustable charcoal level. The simple lifting device allows optimal control of the barbecue temperature. The temperature of the food changes depending on how far the embers are from the grill grate. With the help of the integrated lid thermometer, the barbecue chef can easily monitor the temperature in the barbecue and accurately estimate when he needs to add more fuel through the charcoal flap so that the barbecue evening is far from over. The barbecue chef is guaranteed quick and easy embers thanks to the gas ignition mechanism of the charcoal. A safe variant for lighting the fuel.

The gas barbecue area impresses with the possibility of storing the gas bottle in the base cabinet, even during use. In addition to this advantage, the "Kombi" impresses with other typical gas barbecue characteristics. The easily adjustable heat is quickly available, and the barbecue is ready for use in no time. Grilling for many people is also possible without annoying pauses. An optimal result can be achieved with any grilled food, because the three burners of the gas barbecue can be regulated separately. With the help of the integrated lid thermometer, the barbecue chef can easily monitor the temperature in the barbecue and regulate the gas supply to the burners according to the desired heat.

Both two-part grills allow the grilling area to be closed with the advantage that the heat cannot escape upwards so easily. Thus, the respective lid releases the concentrated heat inside to the grilled food. Similar to the convection oven, the grilled food is cooked evenly from all sides during this process. Thanks to the two-part chrome plated grill grates and the smooth-running lid, nothing stands in the way of the indirect grilling method, in which the food is placed in the enclosed space and not directly over the glowing coals.

  • 3 stainless steel burners, approx. 2.9 kW each
  • total output max. 8.7 kW
  • gas grill surface: approx. 41.3 x 41.3 cm
  • charcoal grill surface: approx. 41.3 x 41.3 cm
  • 2 chrome plated cooking grids with removable round inlays
  • 2 chrome plated warming racks warming racks. 41.5 x 20 cm
  • charcoal bowl, height adjustable with crank mechanism
  • powder coated lid
  • stainless steel lid handles
  • 1 thermometer per lid
  • powder coated fire bowl
  • 2 powder coated side shelves
  • powder coated trolley with cabinet, bottom rack and drawer
  • gas bottle holder in trolley
  • 4 swivel casters, 2 with lock brakes
  • bottle opener
  • 4 tool hooks
  • push and turn ignition system
  • incl. gas hose and pressure regulator
Dimensions (L x W x H) 173.00cm x 65.00cm x 116.50cm
Weight 61.20kg

Packing unit

1 piece

Outer Packaging Dimensions:

107 cm x 78,5 cm x 64 cm (W x D x H)

    Total Gross Weight:

    70,00 kg

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