Irvine - Lava Stone Gas Grill

  • Product Code: 508CUK

The fun you have will go on long after your barbecue is over. The "Irvine" can be stored quickly and easily. The grill's side trays can be folded down to save space during storage. Look forward to many fun-filled evenings with friends and culinary delights. The "Irvine" features lava rocks heated by a gas flame. Lava rocks absorb heat from your grill and spread it evenly throughout the whole appliance, which means your food cooks more evenly and gently. Your barbecued meats will be tender and juicy, guaranteed. The porous lava rocks also absorb grease and liquids. This healthy way to grill offers many possibilities. Easily create new and interesting dishes to delight your guests. In addition to its lava rock technology, the "Irvine" has all the characteristics of a typical gas grill. The grill heats up quickly and the heat level can be easily regulated. You can grill for a large number of guests with no interruptions. The lava rock gas grill's double burner has separately adjustable temperature control so you achieve the best grilling result for all grillables. The grill can be used to a number of different ends - for direct or indirect grilling - prepare any type of food just how you wish. Indirect grilling - where the food lies in an enclosed space - is the barbecue method of choice for gourmets. The two-tier design allows you to enclose the grill surface to prevent heat from escaping. The lid gives off this focused heat evenly to the food on the grill. Similar to a convection oven, this means your food cooks evenly on all sides. The built-in view window allows you to check your food's cooking progress without opening the grill and losing heat.
The first sunny days entice us to cook and eat outdoors. But a pleasant evening of barbecuing needn't be confined to summer only. A fun barbecue evening can be a year-round event once you've discovered the joy of grilling. Gas grills are the hub of outdoor cooking, so having the right appliance is essential for an enjoyable, relaxing barbecue.

  • stainless steel double burner, seperate regulation possible
  • total output max. 5.4 kW
  • grill surface: approx. 50 x 31 cm
  • 1 chrome plated cooking grid
  • lid with window
  • 2 removable side shelves, approx. 42 x 23 cm each
  • black front textile screen
  • 2 plastic wheels
  • working height approx. 84.5 cm
  • piezo ignition
  • incl. lava rocks
  • incl. gas hose and regulator

Cover for this BBQ:   Small - Tepro Item No and Colour: 8103 Black, 8603 Beige, 8703 Taupe

Dimensions (L x W x H) 51.00cm x 94.00cm x 102.00cm
Weight 11.40kg

Packing unit                     1 piece

Outer Packaging Dimensions:

43 cm x 23 cm x 77 cm (W x D x H)

    Total Gross Weight:

    12,80 kg

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