Indianapolis - Smoker

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The Indianapolis heavy-duty smoker is a true eye-catcher that brings you completely new barbecue experience.

The Western style heavy-duty smoker offers various food preparation options. On the one hand, you can grill food traditionally on the cooking grate placed directly above the embers. On the other hand, meat can also be cooked in the smoke coming out of the fire. This is possible due to the special design of the smoker. Smoke is generated from burning wood in the smaller and rather deeper fire chamber. The smoke escapes upward into the greater smoking chamber where the food to be smoked is placed. The smoke movement is supported with the chimney flue in the smoking chamber. The cured meat is thus gently smoked at a lower temperature of 80° to 130°C, which gives it the typical smoked taste. This procedure is also referred to as smoking food. Curing in smoke cooks the food evenly on all sides and preserves its juicy consistence. By changing the type of smoking wood, you can explore new and unknown subtle taste differences.

In addition, the Indianapolis heavy-duty smoker represents a healthy alternative to grilling since curing meat in the smoke prevents drops of fat or other liquids from falling in the flames and generating harmful substances. Apart from modern smoking, you can also grill indirectly using the cooking grate that is divided into four parts in the cooking chamber. This smoker makes it easy to use the indirect grilling method, which means that the food being grilled is placed in a closed chamber not right above the embers.

The Indianapolis heavy-duty smoker got its name based on its extra robust and sturdy design. With the metal thickness of up to 5 mm, it is one of the upper-range heavy-duty smokers in the market. It has all the features that make the hearts of food smoking fans jump with joy. It weighs nearly 200 kg, sporting two lids with integrated thermometers that allow you to monitor the temperature in the big cooking chamber comfortably. The small cooking chamber was not left without attention to functional design – you can quickly put the lid holder in a desired position to facilitate proper air circulation. The lid of the small cooking chamber has been designed to serve as a cooking space for a pot when it is closed.

Whether traditional or novel grilling methods – the smoker leaves no wish unfulfilled. The attached wheels make it possible to get the smoker quickly ready for use anywhere in your garden or on your patio

  • Main chamber
  • Grill surface: approx. 97.5 x 44 cm (WxD)
  • 4 stainless steel cooking grids, approx. 24 x 43 cm (WxD) each 
  • 2 separate steel lids, each with metal handle and thermometer, Material thickness approx. 5 mm
  • Fire bowl approx. 103.8 x 45.4 cm (WxH), material thickness approx. 4.5 mm
  • 3 charcoal grids, approx. 32.5 x 37 cm (WxD) each
  • Holds up to max. 4 kg of charcoal

Side chamber

  • Grill surface: approx. 48 x 43 cm (WxD)
  • 2 stainless steel cooking grids, approx. 24 x 43 cm (WxD) each
  • Steel lid with metal handle, material thickness approx. 5 mm
  • Fire bowl approx. 48.1 x 40.7 cm (WxD), material thickness approx. 4.5 mm
  • Charcoal grid approx. 44 x 33 cm (WxD)
  • Removable ash pot
  • Holds up to max. 2 kg of charcoal
  • Air vent , chimney
  • Foldable shelve in front of the main chamber with tool hooks
  • Integrated 4 level height adjustment lid holder for side chamber
  • Integrated holder for pot holder on offset fire bowl (pot and pot holder not included)
  • Bottle opener
  • Removable ash pot under side chamber
  • Large steel wheels
  • Solid bottom rack with frame
  • Heat resistant finish, up to max. 600 °C
  • Extra heavy duty design
  • Working height approx. 87 cm

Cover for this BBQ:   Large - Tepro Item No and Colour: 8108 Black, 8408 Anthracite,  8708 Taupe

Dimensions (L x W x H) 88.00cm x 184.00cm x 153.00cm
Weight 154.55kg

Packing unit:                     1 piece (consists of 2 packages)

Outer Packaging Dimensions:

  1. 112 cm x 56 cm x 64 cm (W x D x H)

  2. 62 cm x 54 cm x 64 cm (W x D x H)

Total Gross Weight:

168,10 kg

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