• Toronto Compack

Toronto Compack

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A guarantee for successful and sociable evenings are freshly grilled grilled sausages and the smell of juicy neck steaks. Not only in warm summer temperatures, but also in mulled wine weather, you have real grilling pleasure with the wagon grill "Toronto Compack".

The American-style grill features a continuously height-adjustable charcoal level. By simply cranking, this allows for optimal control of the grill temperature. Depending on how far the embers are from the grill grate, the temperature on the food changes. The two-part grill allows the grilling area to be closed with the advantage that the heat cannot escape upwards so easily. Thus, the lid releases the concentrated heat inside to the grilled food. Special ventilation openings ensure balanced air circulation during the grilling process and prevent the charcoal from going out when the lid is closed. Thanks to the smooth-running lid, nothing stands in the way of the indirect grilling method, in which the grilled food lies in the enclosed space and is not placed directly over the glowing coals. With the help of the integrated lid thermometer, the barbecue chef can conveniently monitor the temperature in the grill and accurately estimate when he needs to add more fuel through the charcoal flap so that the barbecue evening is far from over. The "Toronto Compack" is so practical and advantageous because it has wheels on one side. This allows for flexible barbecue fun. Whether on the terrace, lawn or balcony - this wagon grill cuts a fine figure everywhere.

Thanks to the intelligent grate-in-grate system, which can be extended almost indefinitely, every grilling wish can be fulfilled and, among other things, delicious wok, vegetable or potato dishes can be conjured up and even a pizza, as if fresh from the stone oven, is no longer a problem.

  • 1 enameled cooking grid
  • Cooking grid with removable grid inlay
  • 1 enameled warming rack
  • Powder coated lid with stainless steel handle and thermometer
  • Foldable side shelve with 4 tool hooks
  • Powder coated fire bowl
  • Enameled charcoal bowl, height adjustable with crank mechanism
  • Powder coated charcoal tray door
  • Powder coated ash collector with stainless steel handle
  • Stainless steel trolley handle
  • 4 powder coated legs
  • 2 plastic wheels with wheel caps
  • Powder coated trolley with bottom rack
  • Bottle opener

Dimensions (L x W x H) 108.50cm x 52.00cm x 95.50cm
Weight 17.70kg

Packing unit:

1 piece

Outer Packaging Dimensions:

108.5 cm x 52 cm x 95.5 cm (W x D x H)

    Total Gross Weight:

    19.96 kg

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