About Us

Grilling and outdoor entertaining is now an all-year round activity that everybody loves. The smell of grilled meats, vegetables or fruits. Nobody has made the best grills and garden living products over the last for 35 years other than Tepro.

Tepro was designed by people who loved to grill and entertain. They wanted a long lasting product that’s specially designed and made with the best material to withstand the elements of the outdoors and the spills of ingredients over the years. And over 35years, we’ve designed and distributed Tepro products from Germany to all over the world.

Tepro Vision

Our vision - providing great products at good prices, and a brand that’s been built over time. With 35 years in the business, manufacturing grills and other garden products is proof that our vison continues to this day.

Core Values

Keeping the business in the family is intrinsic to the core value of providing quality and strong products that can withstand outdoor elements. Tepro grills and other garden fixtures have been distributed worldwide. Tepro produce hundreds of thousands of products yearly which is testament to our dedication into making quality and long-lasting products. These are distributed and sold overseas including the US and Europe.